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Hannaford Career Center Summer Camp Opportunity - June 20-24

Hannaford Career Center Summer Camp Opportunity - June 20-24

We are offering two free program opportunities for students currently in grades 7-9 during the week of June 20-24 at our north campus facility. Programs will be 8:30-11:30 each day. Maximum enrollment is ten students in each program. Transportation will be provided for those who need it. Breakfast/Snacks will be provided as well. Contact PAHCC Assistant Director Jay Stetzel at [email protected] for more information and to register your student.


Art of Welding

Have an interest in learning the "Art of Welding"?  Students will learn to cut and weld metal using MIG (wire feed) welders, acetylene torches, and plasma cutters and use these developed skills to create. We will start the week getting comfortable with these tools while developing a plan for our final installation. We will tour the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park and develop an artistic vision for turning a pile of scrap metal into ART! No prior experience necessary!


Soapbox Derby Cars

Students will design and build soapbox derby cars with a race at the end of the week. The cars will be a one-rider design powered by gravity or being pushed by one teammate. Students will work in pairs. Learn about essential parts of a "car" and design characteristics that allow for maximum speed (and safety). Let your imagination run wild and build something amazing.