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VSAC’s annual College & Career Pathways 2021


College & Career Pathways 2021

VSAC’s annual College & Career Pathways event will be taking place virtually this year in March. Whether you’re college-bound, training-bound or not sure, this event is for you. This year’s event will include: 

  • Videos and reflection activities to walk you through planning for life after high school 
  • Live workshops for students on identifying career interests, building and communicating skills, and finding the right fit
  • Live workshops for families on paying for college and career training, scholarships, navigating the admissions process, apprenticeships and careers in the skilled trades, and more
  • Virtual tours and info sessions of Vermont colleges, universities, and short-term training programs
  • Weekly contests with the opportunity to win prizes for watching videos and attending workshops or tours

Find out more and register at