Math Team

Like math?  Love solving problems?  Enjoy competition? 

Math Team is coached by Lynn Kayhart.  See Lynn for more info.


Math team is designed for students who enjoy doing math problems.  We have 2 practices a month and 5 meet competitions throughout the year where we compete against BFA St. Albans, Burlington, Colchester, CVU, Essex, Mt. Abe, South Burlington, Mississquoi, U-32 and Rice.


Competition Details:

Twelve minute tests are given in the areas of
Arithmetic,  Geometry,  Algebra,  & Advanced Math

Then 5 students will compete in a 20 minute team test. 


We always end the competitions with milk and cookies :)

Date Location Departure Time
Monday, Oct 28 Mt. Abe 2:45 pm
Wednesday, Dec 11 MVU 1:50 pm
Tuesday, Jan 7 South Burlington 2:20 pm
Thursday, Feb 13 Milton 2:05 pm
Monday, March 16 Mt. Mansfield 2:05 pm
Makeup Day:  Monday, Apr 6
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