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Unit 1:  The Number System

(Negatives and Rational numbers)

Unit 2:  Rates, Proportions, and Percents

Rates and unit rates

Percents of numbers

Percents of numbers    

Another video on percents of numbers

OUR "Negativity Song" Video:  

FREE helpful videos on hundreds of topics:
Understanding negative numbers:


1 or 2 person game:

1-4 player game:

More difficult:

Strategy with negatives:

Choose level of difficulty:

Algebra help:

General help and fun:

Kenken game:

Geometry Websites:

Help with rotations:

Angle sums:

More with angles:

Area and perimeter (Design a party):

Area and perimeter word problems (Look for the "Geometry" heading then go to p.20): 


Working out basic percents:

Instructional video on finding percents of numbers:

Intructional video on percent increases:

Excellent video on percents of numbers.