Proficiency-Based Learning & Grading at VUHS


For specific details reguarding VUHS proficiency-based learning grading practices, please see the Proficiency-Based Learning section of the VUHS Student/Parent Handbook.


What is it?

Proficiency-Based Learning is a system of instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting that is based on students demonstrating that they have acquired the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.  

Vermont State Board of Education Rules Series 2000 – Education Quality Standards

 Teaching is based on

  • Identified core content proficiencies that are aligned with national standards
  • Transferable skills that students need to become flexible and independent lifelong learners:
    collaboration, communication, inquiry, self-direction, and technology.


We use a 4 point Scale:


VUHS Proficiency Indicators and Learning Expectations

World Languages