Social Studies - Rebecca Coffey

Why do people study history and ss times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.
--David C. McCullough

History is my passion.  I have always enjoyed a good story, and for me, history is a collection of good stories.  I like to get other people excited about historical stories, which is why I teach.  History shouldn’t be limited to the memorizing of dates and facts.  I want my students to understand that history is me, as a teacher, sharing with them stories about the past and connecting these stories to the stories of their own lives, their own families, their own communities, their own nation, and their own world.

As David McCullough implied studying history helps us to better understand why our world is the way it is today.  My job as a teacher is to help students make connections between our world today and the world of the past.  We must never forget our past—it is essential to who we are today and what we will become in the future.