Social Studies Curricula

AP US History

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World Cultures

Africa Unit | East Asia Unit | Europe Unit | GRASPS Africa Unit Assessment | GRASPS Europe Unit Assessment | India, Middle East Unit | Performance Assessment | Thesis Paper Performance Assessment

Civics & Current Events

Unit1 We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution | Unit 2 We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution A Window on the World | Unit 3 We the People, The Citizen and the Constitution Creating a Newspaper

Vermont Designs

Vermont Designs | Vermont Designs 1 | Vermont Designs course description | Vermont Designs Unit Five | Vermont Geographical Terms | Vermont Geography Quiz ABCD Activity | Vermont political map information, towns, etc. | VT map | Vermont Designs, Native Vermont Beginnings-1609 | Vermont Designs Choosing Vermont, 1945 the Present | Vermont Designs Claiming the Land 1609-1791 | Vermont Designs Creating Vermont's Yankee Kingdom 1860-1945 | Vermont Designs The Classic Agrarian Landscape 1791-1860 | ANWSU Vermont Designs District Profile | Essay Vt. Designs | Hands on the Land Questions | Ira Elementary School | Native Vermont, Beginnings | Natural Vermont ABCD activity | Nice States Finish First activity from Frank Bryan's book | The Vermont Inventor Page ABCD activity | Unit 1 VT Designs Performance Assessment |

African American History

The Roots of Cultural Expression and Opening Doors | The Roots of the Struggle for Equality and Justice | The Roots of Freedom Antebellum to now | The Roots of Inhumanity and the Peculiar Institution

Native American History

Unit One Native American Studies The Ancestors and Clash of Cultures | Unit Two Native American Studies Invasion of the Coast , Cauldron of War and Removal | Unit Three Native American Studies Attack on Culture | Unit Four Native Americans Studies Roads Across the Plains | Unit Five Native American Studies Final Performance Assessment and Portfolio


Economics Unit Three Microeconomics | Economics Unit Two The Basics | Economics Unit Five Trade and Investment | Economics Unit Four Macroeconomics | Economics Unit One Introduction to Economics


Abnormal psychology unit | Developmental Psychology unit | Mind and Body unit | Spark Assignments and Grading Policyunit |GRASPS Abnormal Psychology Assessment | GRASPS Developmental Psychology Assessment | GRASPS Mind and Body Assessment | Social Psychology unit

World Geography

Africa Geography | Geography Asia | Geography Canada | Geography Europe | Geography Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean | Geography South America | Geography The Pacific World

World Conflicts

2011 Unit 1 World Conflicts Geography and Seeds of Aggression | 2011 Unit 4 World Conflicts 1933-1945 The Holocaust | Unit 2 World Conflicts The European Theater |Unit 3 World Conflicts The Pacific

AP European History


Personal Finance

Exploring Global Topics Through Technology

US History

New Challenges 1992- to Present | The American Odyssey | Toward Equality and Social Reforms-Social Movements 1960-Current Times Women's, Native Americans, Civil Rights | Unit Two A Time of Upheaval 1960-1980 | Facing New Challenges 1980-1992