Transferable Skills


Habits of Work:

HoW.1 - Preparation and Timeliness: Demonstrate time management and organizational skills that allow me to meet my goals and be productive.

HoW.2 - Participation and Engagement: Participate in and contribute to the enhancement of the school community.

HoW. 3 - Perseverance and Effort: Demonstrate a growth mindset by using resources and feedback.


Self Direction:

SD.1 - Demonstrate initiative to set and meet goals and standards, make decisions, and assess the quality of work.

SD.2 - Demonstrate flexibility, including the ability to incorporate feedback and other new ideas and revise.

SD.3 - Demonstrate persistence when facing challenging problems and adapting strategies and approaches as needed.

SD.4 - Demonstrate a growth mindset in order to apply knowledge in new contexts and in scaffolded learning.



COL.1 - Demonstrate awareness and consideration for self and others.

COL.2 - Participate in and contribute to the enhancement of community life.

COL.3 - Demonstrate knowledge of and respect for diverse identities and perspectives.



COM.1 - Demonstrate effective communication based on the audience, context, and purpose through oral, written, multimedia, or performance.

COM.2 - Use evidence and logic (reasoning) purposefully in communication.

COM.3 - Listen actively to others and analyze and respond to the information or viewpoints presented.

COM.4 - Demonstrate effective communication, including oral, written, multimedia, or performance.



INQ.1 - Apply knowledge from various disciplines and contexts to observe and evaluate real-life situations.

INQ.2 - Frame compelling questions and design information/data collection and analysis strategies.

INQ.3 - Apply systems thinking to identify and understand patterns, trends, and relationships.

INQ.4 - Analyze, evaluate and synthesize evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs.

INQ. 5 - Demonstrate an understanding of the situation by proposing a model, solution, interpretation, or informed action. 



TEC.1 - Use technology to further enhance and disseminate communication.

TEC.2 - Use technology to support and enhance the critical thinking process.

TEC.3 - Practice responsible digital citizenship.